Best wordpress hosting performance

Best wordpress hosting performance

Looking for the best WordPress web hosting?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, I’ve used several different WordPress hosting services in the past (mostly because I work as a web developer).

This includes Bluehost, SiteGround and many others.

Here are 3 most important factors of a WordPress host:

  • SPEED (how fast is the site load time)
  • UPTIME (how reliable is the hosting)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT (how quickly can you get help)

Since many different hosting providers claim themselves as “WordPress” hosting, I decided to do a little research and actually test out the top 10 WordPress hosting options.

In this data-backed, unbiased hosting comparison, I’ll share WordPress hosting recommendations based on live test websites, their actual loading times and uptime percentages.

10 Best WordPress Hosting Services

The most important factor of a web host is their uptime – Because a website that’s down or offline even a few hours can do serious damage to your business.

The second criteria is speed. This is measured in the amount of time it takes for a page to fully load all of the content, images, etc. Take a look at the table below and decide yourself…

1. HostGator WordPress Cloudhostgator cloud review $2.99/mo45 days463ms 99.98%★★★★★
2. SiteGround WordPress HostingSiteGround review $3.95/mo30 days532ms 99.98% ★★★★
3. Bluehost WordPress CloudBluehost review $5.95/mo 30 days404ms 99.96% ★★★★
 4. A2 Hosting$3.92/mo30 days354ms 99.96% ★★★
 5. InMotion Hosting $5.95/mo90 days607ms 99.97% ★★★
 6. Dreamhost $7.95/mo 97 days 682ms 99.98% ★★★
 7. GreenGeeks$3.99/mo 30 days916ms99.95% ★★★
 8. Site5 $6.95/mo 90 days687ms 99.97% ★★
 9. iPage $1.99/mo30 days848ms 99.91% ★
 10. Arvixe $4.00/mo60 days 3,396ms 99.88% ★

Let’s jump into the best hosting providers first, and move on down the list to see which ones you should avoid.


1. HOSTGATOR CLOUD: Best Uptime and Overall ($2.99/mo)

Hostgator WordPress Cloud Hosting

HostGator touts their 100% uptime. Which is a pretty bold claim, to be honest. So I decided to put this to the test. There’s no point in purchasing a hosting site if their uptime doesn’t show stellar results.

I also tested their page speed over the 12 month period.

Overall, they came out first in uptime (99.98%) with less than 2 hours of downtime over a period of 8640 hours (12 months):

Hostgator load time and uptime averages

What about load time?

Not bad either, on our WordPress test site, HostGator boats a loading time of 463ms (last 12 months). This is pretty phenomenal compared with other 9.

Conclusion? HostGator’s Cloud Hosting option has some of the best uptime and speed money can buy (just ahead of SiteGround and Bluehost cloud).

Their lowest plan starts at $13.95 per month, but I’ve managed to negotiate a discount for readers – $2.99/mo (for a limited time).

There’s also a 45-day money back guarantee in case you want to try them out for a little while without getting locked in.

  • Customer support: WordPress knowledgeable
  • Usability: Most straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.98%, Load Time – 463ms
  • Cost: $2.99/mo + $0.01 domain


2. SITEGROUND: Best WordPress Support ($3.95/mo)

SiteGround WordPress hosting

Since 2004, SightGround has grown to a large network of over 800,000 domain names around the world.

I started out by testing SiteGround’s “Start-Up Plan” in September 2016 to see what all the hype was about. For over 10 months I watched their speed, uptime, and other performance behaviour.

In terms of uptime, SiteGround maintained an average of 99.98% over a twelve month period. This is among the best I saw out of all hosting providers. They only had 19 outages in the 12 months that I measured uptime.

SiteGround’s speed didn’t disappoint either.

Their average page loading time came out to 532ms. That put them in fourth vs. the competition’s average 700ms.

SiteGround load time and uptime averages

I then connected with their live chat and asked several questions to evaluate their support team. They were friendly and helpful, answering questions quickly.

Additionally, SiteGround offer free transfers for existing website and they’re officially recommended by WordPress.

The good news is that SiteGround is also currently price-matching some of the more cheaper hosting sites with a $3.95 per month. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Customer support: Quick and Simple responses
  • Usability: Most straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.98%, Load Time – 532ms
  • Cost: $3.95/mo


3. BLUEHOST CLOUD: Best for Large Websites ($5.95/mo)

BlueHost is an experienced hosting site with over 2 million websites. I decided to test whether or not all this popularity lived up to the hype. That meant setting up a basic WordPress website, analyzing its performance, and then comparing its statistical data to other hosting sites.

How did BlueHost compare? Turns out BlueHost performed well!

BlueHost had great uptime at 99.96% which means the site was up and running most of the time.

Bluehost load time and uptime averages

Pages loading time, or speed, is the second criteria in a good host. So I measured Bluehost’s performance over the same time and the results were pretty awesome. The industry average in page loading time is 700 ms, and I found that BlueHost had an average load time of 404 ms. This is one of the better speeds I saw out of everyone.

BlueHost has 24/7 customer service available for any questions you may have regarding website setup. They’re not cheap, though. Prices start at $5.95 per month, but they throw in a free domain name plus site migration for new accounts, too.

  • Customer support: 24/7 support
  • Usability: User-friendly
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.96%, Load Time – 404ms
  • Cost: $5.95/mo + Free Domain + Free Site Builders


4. A2 HOSTING: Best Load Time in WordPress ($3.92/mo)

Once again, I broke my the credit card in order to see if A2 Hosting lived up to the bold hype on their website (touting “99.9% uptime” and blazing fast speeds).

They mostly did.

Unfortunately, their uptime has slipped over the past few months to an average of 99.96% from June 2016 to May 2017. This showed a total downtime of 3 hours. Which places A2 Hosting in the bottom half of the hosting sites I reviewed.

A2 Hosting load time and uptime averages

Moving to speed, A2 hosting came out as the #1 hosting site. They averaged 354 ms in a period of twelve months (which is blazing fast). That is basically instant page loading, making impatient people happy because they won’t have to wait for pages to load. A2 Hosting implements caching, which stores data in a visitor’s browser, so they won’t have to request information from your website every time someone tries to access it.

A2 offers 24/7 customer support through their live chat, email, phone, and ticketing systems. I checked this out by contacting their live support and they responded instantly with easy-to-understand responses.

A2 Hosting is a little on the pricey side when compared to other hosting sites. Their lowest plan starts at $3.92 for 24 months. I contacted A2 hosting and with my special code, you can get a little discount of $3.77. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee for you in case you do want to cancel.

  • Customer support: Instant and Detailed Responses
  • Usability: Most straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.96%, Load Time – 354 ms
  • Cost: $3.92/mo


5. INMOTION: Best for Small Business ($5.95/mo)

InMotion is one of the most well-known hosting providers, with a customer base of over 300,000 domains.

I purchased one of InMotion Hosting’s plans to compare them to the rest and they performed well.

InMotion delivered average uptime of 99.97% over the last twelve months. That’s pretty strong and consistent.

InMotion load time and uptime averages

In addition to uptime, I looked at page loading times over the same 12 month period and was very happy with what I saw.

Keep in mind that the average speed in the hosting industry is about 700 ms, and with InMotion Hosting I found an average page loading time of 607 ms. So it may not be as fast as someone like A2 Hosting, but still good enough to beat the hosting industry average.

Customer support was the final test. I chatted live with one of their customer support agents and they happily responded with detailed answers.

Pricing is pretty simple with InMotion.

Their lowest hosting option starts at $2.95 per month. This is actually on the lower end of pricing across most hosting providers.

One of the drawbacks with InMotion Hosting is that there’s no instant account access. That means if you’re an international customer, outside the North America for example, there might be a delay and hassle when attempting to verify your new account.

But overall, you’ll be very happy with InMotion’s service.

  • Customer support: Quick, Friendly and Knowledgeable
  • Usability: Most straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.97%, Load Time – 607ms
  • Cost: $2.95/mo


6. DREAMHOST: Best for WordPress Developers ($7.95/mo)

The next hosting site that I looked at was DreamHost, who has another huge network of over 1.5 million sites (they’ve also been around since 1996).

The WordPress website I set up on DreamHost had reliable uptime with an average of 99.97% over the five-month period. Good start!

Their average page loading times came in at an average of 682ms over the same period. Reliable uptime and a tiny bit faster than average page speed.

DreamHost also throws in a few other nice little add-ons.

First, you get unlimited bandwidth. They’ll credit your account for every hour that there was an issue with uptime. And when I contacted customer support to ask a couple of questions, I got a fairly quick response.

One of DreamHost’s big drawbacks is their pricing. Their lowest plan is still almost double some other hosting sites at $7.95 per month. On the plus side, however, you get the longest money back guarantee from DreamHost (97-days) to test drive their service before getting locked into a lengthy contract.

Dreamhost load time and uptime averages

DreamHost is a reliable hosting site with excellent uptime and okay page loading speeds. Just keep in mind of the price!

  • Customer support: Quick & Straightforward
  • Usability: Good
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.97%, Load Time – 682ms
  • Cost: $7.95/mo


7. GREENGEEKS: Best “Green” WordPress Host ($3.99/mo)

GreenGeeks now hosts over 300,000+ websites over their nine years in business.

They claim 99.9% uptime on their website. That’s almost zero downtime. And it’s a bold claim to make. Can they live up to the hype?

When I tested uptime from June 1st to May 1st, I found that GreenGeeks… delivered 99.95% uptime.

That equates to only 12 minutes of downtime in a single outage! This is a pretty average uptime out of all the hosting providers reviewed.

Greengeeks load time and uptime averages

Next up: page loading times.

Unfortunately, GreenGeeks did not show the same great results in speed as they did in uptime.

Their average loading time was only 916 ms over June 1st to May 1st.  This puts GreenGeeks in second to last when it comes to page loading speeds.

GreenGeeks has 24/7/365 U.S. based support via live chat, phone, or email support. Some of their other features are free data transfers, free domain name, and free site migration.

GreenGeeks goes for $3.99 per month and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Each pricing plan is all inclusive too!

Although GreenGeeks has excellent uptime, their speed is slow. Which is kinda a deal breaker. I suggest you look at some of the better hosting options reviewed (like #1 and #2 above) that go for around the same price.

  • Customer support: 24/7/365
  • Usability: Straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.95%, Load Time – 916ms
  • Cost: $3.99/mo


8. SITE5 HOSTING: Not Good Enough ($6.95/mo)

Site5 delivered above average site time of 99.97% – which is truly a great result. Unfortunately, Their loading times are below average.

Site5 load time and uptime averages

Site5 delivered slightly slower than average loading times of 687ms.

They do provide good support through live chat, email, and phone support in case you have questions, along with a 90-day money back guarantee if you’d like to try them out anyway.

Site5 offers 3 pricing plans. The first, “hostBasic” is $6.95 per month, which allows you to have one website and free migrations. The second plan, “hostPro+Turbo” is $11.95 per month, which offers 24/7 live chat support, free migrations, and a free dedicated IP. The last plan, “hostPro” is $8.95 offers unlimited websites and free migrations.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend Site5. It’s among the more expensive options, despite posting below average uptime and loading times. Check out BlueHost Cloud, HostGator Cloud, or SiteGround for better uptime and speeds at a cheaper rate.

  • Customer support: 24/7 Support Not Available with the cheapest plan
  • Usability: Most straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.97%, Load Time – 687ms
  • Cost: $6.95 month


9. IPAGE: Too Slow For Serious Usage ($1.99/mo)

iPage was started in 1998 and has since grown to serve over one million websites. They’re owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG) brand, and with a big company comes some misleading advertisements and disappointing facts.

I gave iPage Hosting a chance by setting up a WordPress test site under their “Essential” shared hosting plan. I began tracking their uptime, speed, and user-friendliness in October 2016 and have been tracking it ever since.

During this time they’ve only managed to deliver 99.91% uptime. There was also a total of 148 outages!

iPage load time and uptime averages

Speed wasn’t much better, unfortunately.

The average loading time was 848ms. Well below the competition’s average.

iPage is cheap, though!

They’re one of the cheapest hosting options I saw (behind one other hosting option) at $1.99 a month. This is the rate for 12-36 months, so you would technically be locked into a super long term deal to get that price. And, as you can see, you get what you pay for with speed and performance.

iPage is probably not the best option in hosting sites. Although the customer support and prices are nice, you don’t want to struggle with speed and uptime.

  • Customer support: Easy-to-understand, Quick
  • Usability: Simple
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.91%, Load Time – 848ms
  • Cost: $1.99/mo


10. ARVIXE: Poor Loading Time ($4.00/mo)

Arvixe was originally founded in 2003 before later being acquired by EIG.

Things didn’t start off great, with below average uptime of only 99.88% (vs. industry average 99.94%).

Arvixe load time and uptime averages

That wasn’t even the worst part. This is.

The industry average for speed is 700ms. That’s not even very fast to be honest, as some of the fastest hosting providers load within ~300ms (or almost twice as fast).

How did Arvixe perform?

An abysmal 3396ms. That is unbelievably slow. Nearly impossibly slow.

Just one-second delay in page load time could cost Amazon 1.6 billion. Think what it can do to your online business.

Seems like Arvixe is just slow period. Because that’s what customer support was too.

I tried reaching out to ask a few basic questions and it took over an hour for a response.

Arvixe’s pricing is also on the expensive side of the fence at $4 a month. Upfront and in advance for a full two years. Any shorter plans mean paying much more per month.

Arvixe does offer unlimited bandwidth and a free domain name for life to their credit.

But you can do so much better than Arvixe. Once again, take a look at the first few names in this review to for companies that exceed across the board in uptime, page loading times, customer support, and price.

  • Customer support: Slow, but can be helpful
  • Usability: Most straightforward
  • Performance: Uptime – 99.88%, Load Time – 3396ms
  • Cost: $4.00/mo for 24 months


Here’s What I Did to Uncover Best WordPress Hosting

Hosting Reviews Case-Study

I pulled out my credit card, signed up for each hosting provider listed below (10), and then even set up a WordPress website on each.

Each option was vetted, researched, and analyzed.

Here’s how I compared them.

1. COST VS FEATURES: First I compared the quantity and quality of features you got with each plan vs. the cost you have to pay.

2. SUPPORT AVAILABILITY: Next, I went through their customer support and asked some basic questions (checked their average response time).

3. UPTIME & SPEED: Site’s performance using WordPress: Then I set up WordPress websites on each host and started to track their uptime and speed (I used Pingdom and for this).


There you have it.

A detailed, no-BS review of the top ten WordPress hosting providers.

Each review was based on actual data and experience (not just stealing the words directly from their website). Third-party sources, like Pingdom, were used to monitor and analyze performance. So you know the data is legitimate.

To recap, here’s 10 best WordPress hosting providers

  1. HostGator Cloud: $2.99/mo, 99.98% uptime, 463ms
  2. SiteGrund: $3.95/mo, 99.98% uptime, 532ms
  3. Bluehost Cloud: $5.95/mo, 99.96% uptime, 404ms
  4. A2 Hosting: $3.92/mo, 99.96% uptime, 354ms
  5. InMotion: $5.95/mo, 99.97% uptime, 607ms
  6. Dreamhost: $7.95/mo, 99.98% uptime, 682ms
  7. GreenGeeks: $3.99/mo, 99.95% uptime, 916ms
  8. Site5: $6.95/mo, 99.97% uptime, 687ms
  9. iPage: $1.99/mo, 99.91% uptime, 848ms
  10. Arvixe: $4.00/mo, 99.88% uptime, 3396ms

In our review, we came to a conclusion that you can’t go wrong with HostGator Cloud, SiteGround or Bluehost Cloud. They all offer strong uptime, fast page loading times, great customer support, and unbeatable low prices.


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